Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Looking Back......

One part of photography that I love is looking back at "old technology". Really, before we had the instant gratification of digital photography, we had Polaroid. Oh, and how I love Polaroid. Simple, take a photo and the camera spits out, or you pull out a photo. After two minutes you have a fully developed photo in your hand. Heck that is one step further than digital. The true remaining stock of Polaroid film is slowly disappearing. So if you have any send it to me, I will love it, shoot it, and even send you a original piece of art back to you. (shot on polaroid film) Sure, we do have Fuji products (which I do like) and The Impossible Project films (I will get back to you later on that), But I love Polaroid film.

I once almost bought an old Polaroid factory jacket for $100.00 (but I thought my wife would kill me, and I couldn't take photos with it)

Even further back is pinhole photography. Simple a box with out a lens. Just a pinhole to focus the light and film..... thats it! The exposures are long and you have no viewfinder to compose your shots.

So I thought I would combine instant photography with slow photography... Here is my Pinhole/polaroid

Shot with a homemade Polaroid/pinhole camera, with outdated Polaroid Chocolate film.

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