Friday, March 4, 2011

I Dream In Half Frames....

For about a year I searched high and low for my dream camera (well, one of a list of 10 dream cameras). The Olympus Pen FT..... Sure they can be found on that evil internet auction site for around $500 -$700, but I was unwilling to spend that kind of money without first looking through her viewfinder.

I will be the first to admit I have a problem. I search the "photo & video" section of craigslist often, sometime 3-4 time a day. In this case it payed off. I found a Pen a mere 5-6 hour drive away, and luckily only a half hour drive from my Dad. So without so much as a thought I contacted the seller asked him to hold it, and told my Dad that he needed to jump on the old Harley and go for a ride. Within hours my Dad had within his possession my dream camera, and the cost..... 45 bucks!! A deal!!

I held my breath, hoping it worked, and it did.

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Why??? Well this is a strange and beautiful little camera. When it was first introduced in 1963 it was the smallest 35mm slr in the world. That is not all, she is also a half frame camera! What??? That means that you get two 18x24 frames within the traditional 36x24 negative size. For most people that simple means that you could get 72 frames from a roll of 36. I just dreamt of shooting diptychs. Oh, and her beauty..... she is a sexy little camera.

Concrete Detail

Tree on the edge of the Olympic Village

Rail line on the edge of Gastown

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  1. Wow, this is the coolest camera ever!! What a fantastic find. I love when craigslist/thrift store shopping pays off in such a huge way :)