Friday, May 13, 2011

World Pinhole Day

As a photographer, we all go through those time of being uninspired... Unmotivated... Busy...

Sometimes we just need a reason to go out shooting. For me it was World Pinhole Day (April 24). After a few months of being busy at work and uninspired by my own images, I needed something to get me out shooting for an afternoon or just a few hours. So on the 24th I packed up my overly large tripod and my Polaroid/Pinhole camera and set out to shoot something. Anything. Not having much time and no real ideas, I found myself down by the Vancouver Port. After looking at a few spot and subjects, I decided the Port cranes were as good as anything. After setting up and estimating exposure, my first shot was way over exposed but the second was really close. Finally the third shot was good, not great, but good. Well that was it... I was out of time. Not the most exciting day of shooting, but I got out there. Better that not at all.

The one good thing about the day is, it got me thinking about shooting some Pinholes around town. Perhaps a series is in the works. We shall see.

Polaroid/Pinhole Camera, shot with Fuji FP-100B

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