Friday, May 13, 2011

For The Love Of Polaroid.

For those don't know me (and I'm sure most people reading this are friend and family, but who knows. After all I have just one "Follower". My Mom.... Thanks Mom!) I LOVE Polaroid!!! I just realized that I am up to 8 different Polaroid Cameras and a few backs. I am a bit geeky about it. So, a couple of weeks ago I made sure I went early to a camera swap, hoping to find a few Polaroid things. First I found a couple of packs of film for cheap. Yeah!!! Next I found timed shutter release for my 195. Yeah again!!! I also found a couple packs of cheap Fuji film (fits in the Polaroid 195) Yeah!!! I wont bore you with all the things I didn't find, but a good day.

I know... GEEK!

The first thing was to load some the film. So I grabbed my favorite 680 and went out shooting.

It was a cold and yucky day so my first shot came out with some heavy color shifts, but the film worked.... Yeah!!!

Birds, Polaroid 680, expired Polaroid 779

The next shot I wanted to try shooting with a close-up lens. I have one for a Holga camera but it doesn't fit, so I just held it in front of the lens.

Flowers, Polaroid 680 w/ Holga close-up lens, expired Polaroid 779

Finally photography should be about fun and what better way than with Polaroid...

Men, Polaroid 680, expired Polaroid 779

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