Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If Only I Could Read

I may have had a chance.....

You see, most artists create for themselves, but after some time the want to get there work out there. Some people have flickr sites, some have gallery shows, some put out albums, some have blogs. Besides this little blog and the gallery show that I keep saying I want to have, one way to get things out there is to submit to magazines. One of my favorite is LightLeaks magazine. It is a quality magazine that focuses on "Toy Cameras", right up my alley. Lots of times I miss deadlines due to mulling over ideas or not getting the film developed in time or many other bad excuses. However last issues theme was "secrets' and I had an idea right away. I sketched my idea and built my "prop" and I was off. Shoot went well. I got one shot I was happy with and off I sent it, with plenty of time.

After the deadline had come and gone the publisher mentioned that he had contacted all the people that had been selected.... Not me, but hey, that happens. I have submitted and not been selected before. That is when I noticed, I had submitted a colour version of the image. The guidelines clearly stated B&W images only (for a special "Noir Issue")

I promise to pay more attention next time.....

So here it is, my Secret..... in B&W, as it should be.

Secret - shot with a vintage Diana, on Fuji NPH400

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